Signs and Banners Biz

Signs and Banners Biz

Pop-up ( Retractable ) Banners

Retractable or Roll-up Banners are printed in full color on one side on synthetic 12 mil White Block-out Banner material. They are designed to be displayed with a Retractable Banner display or stand and rolled for storage. One Banner at a time can be stored within the base of a Retractable Banner display. We sell display stands that accommodate retractable banners from 33″ x 78″ to 33″x80″. If you are ordering a Banner for other retractable display stands, please make sure to order the correct size. A portion of the Banner bottom will remain hidden in the display base; ours hides the bottom 6″. Note: Because of the wide potential size range of our large format products, there are additional file setup considerations. Proofs are typically shown half size. For other details, please review the file setup section carefully. Due to material, all substrates may expand or shrink from batch to batch, which makes exact cuts very difficult. We do not recommend borders. If you would like borders, please make sure they are at least 2″ thick. We will not reprint if the borders are not exactly the same on all sides after cutting.

Standard Features:
Available size is 33″x78″ with the Economical Retractable.


Ink Colors – Full-Color Front only.
Material – Economical Retractable.
Turnaround Time – 1-2 Days, 2-3 Days